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The amazing new pro-ferm range.


pro-ferm rejuvenates your skin.

Dermatologically tested and scientifically proven, pro-ferm has a fundamentally different mode of action from all other skin creams.

Luxury face and body care that supports the bodies defence systems to genuinely reduce the signs of ageing in an entirely natural way.

Essentially, pro-perm harnesses the power of your skin’s immune system – the trigger for the skins repair and renewal mechanism - to rejuvenate and re-build the fabric of your skin.

Generally acknowledged as the most luxurious and effective of all cosmecutical skin care ranges from the pro-ferm shop.


You will be able to buy directly from the pro-ferm site by clicking here or you can speak directly to their sales department and buy from them if you prefer - if so please ring: 0870 042 8423

When you successfully submit your order you will be given an individual order number which will be confirmed to you by email.
If you have any queries regarding your order, please be sure to quote your order number.


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